Bell Bottoms and Tube Tops is a World of Warcraft guild, Horde side, on the Ghostlands server.

I’m a long-time gamer, from the era of Pong (yeah, the one with knobs) until the present.  From the time my father used a trash compactor on my copy of Atari’s Defender until I was raiding, blurry-eyed in Everquest, I’ve been kind of a video game addict.

As I’ve gotten older, though, I’ve found myself drifting away from the more active gaming and more towards the  relaxed, or “casual”, style of gaming.  As an adult, I just don’t find sitting and staring at my computer screen as compelling as I used to.  I do, however, love good conversation, simple tasks, and even the occasional raid, which is why I decided to start a guild that’s meant to appeal to the older, more relaxed gamers like me.

Bell Bottoms and Tube Tops is a social guild, focusing on gathering together folks that remember the 70’s and 80’s, though others who get references to the Steve Miller Band,  eating a pizza at Shakey’s after watching Superman the Movie, and how to get stains out of a Member’s Only jacket are welcome.

In the future, if folks so desire, we may go on to do other things in Warcraft.  In fact, it’s my hope that a guild like this becomes more of a meeting place for people of similar interests, no matter what online game they play.  (Much like the excellent The Older Gamers guild.)  I’m not ambitious, so I don’t expect huge success, but even half a dozen like-minded geezers like me is a welcome departure from either putzing around solo or joining a monster guild where I’m treated more like a tool to be used than as a person.

So feel free to comment, or for you WOW gamers send me a whisper while I’m online, and maybe we can hang out, talk about why John Carpenter’s Halloween is still the best one in the series and compare notes on how big our boom boxes were.


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